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Staying safe from COVID-19

Touching wood, it feels as if the Covid pandemic is behind us, but we are keeping the advice below until we are sure that it is behind us. the following information is from 2020 so not all of it is now as relevant.

We have researched the extensive advice available from the Government and various tourism bodies, as well as advice from our own agents, and have thoroughly considered how to share our Island home while keeping safe our guests, our cleaners and our housekeeper.

The house already receives a thorough clean between guests but we have upgraded that cleaning regime to add a more thorough clean to disinfect all hard surfaces likely to be touched, including all doorknobs etc. Soft materials such as towels, bed linen etc is professionally cleaned or washed at recommended temperatures to destroy virus. We have doubled up on many items so that where possible we are ‘resting’ items between alternate guests. Other items such as books, DVDs and records we have divided into two, again to alternate these between guests. We are also alternating rugs and throws. Larger soft furnishings such as sofas we plan to spray or steam clean. Items such as boxes of tea bags which are hard to clean we have replaced by jars, which are easier to clean and disinfect. Some items we have simply removed, such as stationary supplies which we used to leave for guests. Some items which we think should not be removed, but are not daily items, such as the two drawers above the microwave with spare batteries, lightbulbs, fuses, sewing kit etc  – we are not specifically disinfecting these as they are only occasionally handled; we have indicated where this is the case and if you need to use these please wash your hands afterwards.

We have provided our cleaners with masks, aprons and gloves.

We have provided anti-viral cleaning sprays for your use.

We have provided large Bramley hand sanitiser gel bottles at the front and back doors. Please do use these, and please leave them for the next guests.

As we hope you can see we have done our best to try to make the house safe for you, but the nature of the COVID-19 virus is such that nothing can be guaranteed. We ask you to play your part too, to keep yourself and others safe. Please of course wash your hands regularly.

Please be respectful of the local community. In Cornwall there was a genuine fear during the early days of lockdown in 2020 that the limited hospital resources in the county could be swamped by visitors bringing virus; this did not happen thankfully. It is unclear yet what will become socially acceptable and unacceptable but if for example most people are wearing masks, please do the same whether or not it is legally required. The good news is that Newquay is a town that thrives on tourism, and has residents from all over the UK and further, so is generally more open to visitors than some more isolated parts of Cornwall.

If you have any problems contact Nick on 07715 456388. Nick is very helpful and should find a way to solve any problem, in a way that keeps both you and him safe. If he or anyone else needs to visit for any reason, you may need to leave an area of the house, or even go out for a while, if that is what is necessary to fix a problem safely while maintaining distancing.

Because we are no longer showing guests around when you arrive it is particularly important you let Nick know straight away if anything is not as it should be. It is no good us finding out at the end of the holiday! It is our aim for you to have a home away from home where you can build your own happy memories – if anything is wrong which is distracting you from that please do let Nick know asap so that we can fix it if we possibly can. 

If you think you may have COVID-19 symptoms: check and/or call 111 (available 24/7). If you or anyone in your party does have COVID-19 symptoms, whether or not it has been confirmed by a test, you must immediately notify Boutique Retreats (01872 553 491) and Nick; and the whole party will unfortunately have to leave The Island for the safety of our cleaners and other guests. Of course, we hope this will never happen but equally you will understand this is a necessary rule for the safety of everyone.