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COVID-19: If you think you may have COVID-19 symptons: check and/or call 111 (available 24/7). If you or anyone in your party does have COVID-19 symptoms, whether or not it has been confirmed by a test, you must immediately notify Nick; and we may have to ask the whole party unfortunately to leave The Island for the safety of our cleaners and other guests. Of course, we hope this will never happen but equally you will understand this is a necessary rule for the safety of everyone.

Emergency fire/ambulance/police: dial 999. The address is “The Island, Island Crescent, Newquay TR7 1EA”. You will need to let them in through the green door.

Fire: dial 999 and do not tackle it yourself unless you can do so safely. There is a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the kitchen (on the wall near the hob) and a fire extinguisher in the main bedroom (behind the curtain which separates the bedroom from the dressing room).

Coastguard: dial 999. Always swim between the RNLI flags. Check tide times before walking on the beach round any headlands. If caught in a rip current (pulling you out to sea) don’t fight against it, swim sideways out of the current.  More advice is here:

Non-emergency police: dial 101.

Non-emergency medical: dial 111. Hospital (major): Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske (Truro): 01872 250000

Hospital (minor injuries): Newquay Hospital: 01637 834800

First aid: there is a first aid kit in the kitchen.

Bridge: The bridge is completely safe when properly used, but it is not a toy so please do observe the maximum of four at one time and of course don’t let children play on it. It has a natural bounce to it, especially in high winds. The bridge, like the paths, can be slippery especially when wet, so please take care and use the handrails.

Power cut: the trip fuse box is in the kitchen above the key rack. Please try to work out what tripped it and turn that appliance off before resetting. If it trips again please call Nick. There is normally a torch by the kitchen door.

Water shut off valve: this is on the street. If you really need to shut off the water in a hurry, take a medium/large screwdriver or similar to prize open the cover. Go up the steps, take the left hand path to the side of the small green triangle, and where it meets Island Crescent there are two access covers. It is not the obvious one marked “water” but the other one marked “Dauntless” and “Ductile”. Prize it open. Shut off the valve by turning the tap clockwise. Tell Nick immediately about whatever the problem is.

Plumbing problems: call Nick, but if you cannot reach him for any reason and it is an emergency it is fine to call out our regular plumber, Luke Earnshaw on 07864 388066.