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Main Bedroom

The main bedroom is up the stairs, which are not immediately obvious! Only a couple of times have guests had to call to admit rather sheepishly they had looked everywhere and couldn’t find the stairs. Clue: near the kitchen, look for a curtain (“noren”) with a large Japanese symbol, which means island (“shima” or “jima”, as in Iwo Jima for example).

Dressing room:

– The two tall cupboards are for you. The lower cupboard next to the bathroom is private, thanks.

– There is also a hidden compartment under the right-hand window seat which is useful to store foldable luggage.

– There is a large Dyson fan in case summer nights are particularly hot and breezeless, which is rare but not impossible. The remote for the fan sits on top of it, attached magnetically.

Shower room:

-When showering please make sure the isolator switch outside the door is set to “on”, and that the lights are turned on. This will mean that both the fan and the mirror heaters are on.

– Heated towel rail: in the summer you can turn this on and off by the switch to the right of the rail.

– The shower room floor is heated.

While showering, if you hear banging on the skylight above your head it’s probably one of the seagulls, who love our roof.

Important: please do not put anything down the toilet unless either it has passed through you or it is toilet paper. All waste water goes into a tank near the bridge and is then pumped across the bridge into the main sewer system. Any foreign matter (sanitary products, condoms etc) will risk fouling the pump which you really don’t want to happen and will be found when the pump engineers come to get it all working again… Thank you!

The main bedroom is 3.8 metres x 3.5 metres, including the sloped-roof alcove but not including the adjacent dressing room or bathroom.

Art in this room.