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Magic Hat Bar

Feel free to serve yourself from the bar. We typically have some basic drinks to make sure you aren’t thirsty on your first night, such as gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, tonic, beers, colas. If you have a favourite tipple you should probably bring it or plan to buy it in one of many outlets in Newquay. The nearest place is Bargain Booze, just three minutes’ walk away, which despite the off-putting name has a reasonable selection of drinks, including a surprisingly good eclectic range of beers.

Ice is in the kitchen fridge-freezer. The top hat ice bucket doubles as an ice holder and a wine cooler.

The speaker is a Bowes & Wilkins Z2. It takes an iPhone directly inserted, other Apple devices via Airplay, or any device which can plugged in via mini-jack plug. There is a mini jack lead with green and blue ends which can be used with either the Z2 in the bar or the Samsung in the dining room.

The Z2 has a black egg-shaped remote control. The instruction manual is here:

If you have never played bar billiards there are some old-fashioned instructions on the wall. Chalk is in one of the small alcoves in the bar, which also has spare cue tips. The scoreboard is usually loose on the window cill. Please don’t put drinks on the bar billiards table. While a player is trying to make a break of over 1,000 (before losing it all by knocking over a mushroom), the non-players can amuse themselves by finding the hidden echidna carved in the wood of the bar, a reminder of when we met over 30 years ago travelling in Australia.

The TV is 3-D and there are glasses in the bar cupboard though we aren’t sure that anyone has ever used them.

The silhouette wall is special to us; all our lovely family members some of whom are sadly no longer with us.

Art in this room.