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Living/Dining Room

Games, records and books: are in the low cupboard.

The two Morso woodburners:

Fuel: the burners only take the specially dried eco briquettes provided, so please do not use driftwood or anything else. If you run out, there are spare briquettes available, check in the boiler room, off the hall, opposite the dining room.

Lighting: slide the lever to the right, two briquettes + 1 firelighter, light the firelighter, leave the door slightly ajar, once it is burning well close the door and slide lever to the middle to turn down the air supply. Top up as necessary.

The TEAC record player: this gives a lovely warm retro sound through the valve amplifier. There is no automatic arm lift so please remember that at the end of the record the arm needs to be raised using the arm lift lever.

Tide clock: this is for fun and convenience, and may need resetting at the start of your stay. If you are planning a trip that involves going round a headland where you could be cut off by the tide please double check by consulting the definitive tide tables which can be found online, for example here:

Art in this room.