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Main fridge/freezer: you should not need to adjust any settings. If you run into any difficulties (e.g. it’s not cooling efficiently) please let us know. There should be plenty of ice trays. The model is a Hotpoint HSZ3021VL and the instruction manual can be found here:

Small fridge: useful for drinks. The model is a Miele K120-20 S-1 and the instruction manual can be found here: There is also a small fridge in the Top Hat Bar.

Hob: electric. There is no gas supply on The Island as it is not suitable to come across the bridge. The model is a Bosch Schott Ceran and bears the number 9000329649; we have not found an instruction manual online as yet but it is pretty straightforward to use.

Double oven: the model is a Bosch HBB-DP81-7; E Nr: HBM43B250B/01. The instruction manual can be found here:

Dishwasher: the tablets are in a jar in the cupboard under the sink. One goes in the flip top box on the inside of the dishwasher door. Then press the program button of your choice – there are a few settings which are obvious – then press the start button. We normally use the Eco 50 setting. When you put on the final wash before you leave please run it at the highest temperature setting, for the additional safety of our next guests. All the crockery, cutlery and glasses can go in the dishwasher, but not please anything wooden or the sharp knives.  The model is Neff N50 S513K60X0G Fully Integrated Dishwasher. The instruction manual can be found here:

Microwave: Russell Hobbs RHM2505. The instruction manual can be found here:

Coffee machine: DeLonghi ECOM311.BK Icona Micalite. Manual espresso maker. This takes ground espresso coffee (provided) and also ESE pods (not provided). The instruction manual can be found here:

Toaster: The sliders on the front go down, as you would expect, but also up to make it easier to remove the toast. The middle button each side can be used to reheat (unbuttered!) toast. The model is a Breville VTT687-01 and the instruction manual can be found here:

Key rack: there should be the following keys at the beginning and end of your stay:

red = dining room door

yellow = kitchen sliding door & kitchen window

blue/purple = conservatory door & window

black disk = green door (the very first external door you came through, by the public steps); and kitchen door

– white  disk = green door; kitchen door; house front door (by the flag); garage fob (note, you may have picked this set of keys up from the garage key box)

Notes for a Small Island” (the blue note book on the key rack): please do note in here anything that needs replacing/fixing, suggestions etc so that Nick knows what needs doing before the next guests. Thank you.

Waste tank alarm (above the key rack): this should be in the “on” position. If the alarm buzzer sounds, please push the reset button, and if that doesn’t stop the alarm then switch the alarm to the “off” position to stop the alarm, and then contact Nick straight away. It means that for some reason the septic tank is over-filling, and is not a cause for panic – yet! Don’t flush loos, or use taps, showers etc. There is not necessarily an immediate problem as long as you aren’t putting more waste water into the system, but it will become one so please don’t ignore it! If for any reason you cannot contact Nick, the pump engineers are Chenpump (01736 330 440); we do not expect this to happen.

Fuse box: the house fuse box with trip switches is above the key rack. If a fuse trips please locate whatever caused it and then reset the fuse. If it happens again that indicates a problem so please contact Nick.

Sliding door behind the breakfast table: to open, unlock using the yellow key in the key rack which you turn anti-clockwise, then turn the large handle from ‘down’ to ‘up’, then pull towards you and slide. To lock, there is a knack but you reverse the procedure: slide then push to close the door, then turn the large handle from ‘up’ to ‘down’, then lock by turning the key clockwise.

Kitchen door: to lock from the inside or the outside, push the handle firmly up to engage the bolts and then release. Then turn the key as normal. To unlock just turn the key, then push the handle down, as normal.

Picnics: there is a picnic basket with picnic set in the cupboard.

Rubbish bin: for convenience you can use small white rubbish bags in the cupboard under the coffee maker, but please divide rubbish into two: cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles should end up in green rubbish bags in the cable house. Everything else should end up in black rubbish bags in a separate bin in the cable house. These  cable house is the green shed on the other side of the bridge. The code for the padlock on the cable house is 1066.

Art in this room.