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Family Bathroom

This is a wet room so don’t worry too much if the bath splashes over.

Towel rail: in the summer you can turn on the towel rail by switching on the isolator switch market “towel rail” just outside the bathroom door and then if necessary turning on the temperature control to the bottom right of the loo (the temperature is adjustable; we usually use the green eco setting).

Heated floor: the floor is heated and is on a timer. You shouldn’t need to change the settings, but for information the control panel is the display on the wall outside the bathroom.

Important: please do not put anything down the toilet unless either it has passed through you or it is toilet paper. All waste water goes into a tank near the bridge and is then pumped across the bridge into the main sewer system. Any foreign matter (sanitary products, condoms etc) will risk fouling the pump which you really don’t want to happen and will be found when the pump engineers come to get it all working again… Thank you!