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We are fortunate in that we have a number of creative friends whose work features through the house. In addition to this, we added local finds with a coastal flavour.

Kitchen Our photographer friend Robin Feild took the calming shot of wooden shutters. The mermaid (very fragile!) is by Camilla Lawson, who also made Neptune on the wall outside near the flag.  The other larger ceramic pieces on the top shelves in the kitchen are by a Swansea-based friend, inspired after a stay on The Island. The colourful picture by the sink was a surprise gift to us and refers to when we bought The Island.

Hallway The prints of The Island Bridge were a special commission, and taken by an old friend of ours, artist Bronagh Kennedy. We chose her prints of the Brooklyn Bridge and Tower Bridge to remind us of other places we have lived.

Dining Room Original reclaimed tin ceiling tiles which we brought back with us when we left New York City. We had been living in SoHo with similar tiles on the loft ceiling.

Dining Room The Sydney Opera House by our photographer friend Robin Feild. The globe: a present, with places we have lived over the years.

Living Room The large black and white photo is called “Casper’s Trees”, by our professional photographer friend Nick Clark, taken when he came to stay with us in Tokyo. The main light shade is by Tom Raffield.

Bar A gallery of family silhouettes – all genuine photos in case you were wondering about some of the odder ones!

Study Pressed seaweed harvested on Cornish beaches by Jo Crook.

Conservatory/Bar The wooden mirrored side table was made by our nephew, Oscar.

Main Bedroom ‘Fish Shoal Circle Sculpture’ by James Eddy, a local artist who can be seen from the Island as one of the crew rowing a ‘gig’ (old style row boat) in the evenings, practising for one of the regular gig races. James also created the piece in the en suite shower room. The hook on the main bedroom door is made from reclaimed wood from New Orleans’ Ninth Ward; bought to raise funds after the area was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The painting of The Island at sunrise is by Andy Pearce, whose gallery SaltWalls tucked down a side street in Newquay is worth a visit. The small feathery picture is by our talented friend Rebecca Jewell.

Bedroom 2 We had a message out of the blue from Canada where the owner of this old painting of The Island wanted to give it to us so that it could live on The Island. It was a complicated journey but we are happy to see it return to its origins.

Stairs: silhouettes from a haunting all-night Japanese festival: ‘Owara Kaze no Bon’.